About Us

Back in 1997, a small empty space transformed into the life and culture of Liberty Avenue, Queens, which is now known as Darbar’s Chicken & Ribs, a food delivery company. Founder and Head Chef Shabhaz Ganny had a vision to create the first fried Chicken spot that provides not only high quality fresh food prepared with halal chicken but also food with an unexplainable taste to all the food-lovers in New York. From a small savings and a dream to achieve, Darbar’s online has become go to spot in New York for the past 18 years, located on 126-09 Liberty Avenue, South Richmond Hill, New York. Darbar’s Halal is a restaurant run by a family and have a 20 year history. It was started by a man with a vision to serve all fresh & tasty food to his customer. Check our variety of deals especially chicken deals. To achieve this end, the restaurant has been serving the people and throughout the years, this food delivery company has created a huge customer page and massive brand recognition and brand identity.

The history of fast food restaurants companies traced back in 19s, and with the passage of time, many different brands and fast food restaurants have been emerged in the market, serving people with fast food and providing online order service. It has been difficult for any new brand to recognize its position in the established market with strong competitors’ food chains, but Darbar’s online attained this position and achieved brand identity in the market. The most important target of Darbar’s is to serve fresh and quality food.

Enter into a friendly greeting from this family owned-operated business. Enjoy the tasty fresh food with an amazing environment. Indulge yourselves into the infamous crispy chicken, one like no other, which leaves you asking for more. Taste the House Special Fried Rice which is one out of many delicious meals offered. Our exciting deals represent our brand being the highlighted food at best food delivery restaurant. Our menu which makes us stand out includes burgers, fried rice, fried chicken, wings, on the grill dishes, variety of family deals, chicken deals, side orders, and Asian style dishes. This menu consists of very tasty flavored dishes prepared with amazing fresh and quality ingredients – to follow our vision.

We at Darbar’s online focus more on the quality and freshness of food because our customer health is more important for us.

Darbar’s Chicken & Ribs, being one of the first and only fresh food spot and best food delivery company in New York, takes pride in not compromising food quality and taste. Shabaz’s had a vision for the restaurant and that was to satisfy his customers, and we will keep providing serving our customers.

Darbar’s Chicken & Ribs is 100% zabihah halal.

Your satisfaction is important to us. Avail our delivery services and order your meal today online or by Phone at(718) 529-4900)